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NSA Spying and “24″

August 1, 2013

New information released today indicates the existence of an NSA program called “XKeyscore,” which can look at and track all your Internet data and behavior without prior authorization.  The NSA says that the targeting is specific (which is a practicality issue in a world of over 7 billion people), but those being targeted have no [...]

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Senate Election Polling Shows Mixed Results

July 19, 2010

Some good news and some bad news still a few months out before Election Day. The good news:  in the Pennsylvania Senate race, Pat Toomey’s up 45-38% over Joe Sestak in the latest Rasmussen poll.  I’d say “Keep up the good work, PA” but Pennsylvania loves to disappoint Republicans.  We’ll see how this plays out. [...]

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Goodbye 24

May 25, 2010

Last night, the series finale of 24 aired in a two-hour special on Fox.  I’m kind of sad to see the end of a beloved series, but also completely OK with it.  I’d rather see 24 end the way it did last night than watch it suffer and die, like so many Lost fans feel [...]

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Duke Defeats Butler 61-59

April 6, 2010

What a game!  I only caught some of the first half since 24 was on until 10, but wow! It came down to the last 3.6 seconds and a Hail Mary half-court shot by Butler that hit the rim but missed, pushing the Duke Blue Devils to their latest NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.  Great defense, [...]

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24 Meets the Goonies

June 18, 2009

Nostalgia meets today’s headlines: Awesome!

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24 Season 7 Finale

May 19, 2009

Wow. It’s been a heck of a ride!  Since mid-January the latest season of 24 has been a Monday night ritual that has never let me down!  I didn’t like the way Season 6 ended (a bit anti-climactic) and was put-off by the notion of where we go after the WMD actually goes off!  Well, [...]

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UNC vs. Michigan State: The Final Two Arrive

April 5, 2009

Yup, the moment I pushed for UConn was the moment that somewhere deep-down I knew they were going to lose!  I haven’t been very good at my picks in general lately.  So yesterday, in a pair of not-so-good games down the stretch, two dominant teams arose from the field of 65:  Michigan State University and the [...]

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Obama News Conference a Snore

February 10, 2009

I watched the Chosen One try to reassert his manhood in front of already mind-numbed media groupies on TV for 62 minutes last night.  How do I know it was 62 minutes?  He started scolding us at 8pm and I stopped squeezing the stress ball at 9:02pm — two minutes into the latest episode of 24!  That’s when my [...]

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Jack’s Back! 24 Season 7 Starts Tonight

January 11, 2009

Jack Bauer is facing heat in the latest season of 24, which airs its first two hours tonight on Fox.  Here’s the official trailer:  There is a new Administration, there haven’t been major attacks in the US for years and those who had to make tough decisions and once used “advanced interrogation techniques,” like Jack [...]

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Who’s Watching the Watchmen

December 1, 2008

We are.  Or at least we should be, especially on days when news of a Pentagon plan to deploy 20,000 US troops for a “domestic response” comes to light.  I see two areas of concern: 1.  New security threats. Do they know something that we don’t about the vulnerability of our nuclear power plants and [...]

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