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9/11 Truther

Radical Van Jones Resigns

September 6, 2009

Commie radical 9/11 Truther Van Jones has quietly resigned from his position as Obama’s Green Jobs Czar.  I figured this would be a gamble for Obama:  he obviously couldn’t fire him, but letting him resign quietly in the middle of a holiday weekend before Obama’s busy week of youth indoctrination and shilling radical health care reform in front [...]

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The Van Jones Affair

September 4, 2009

Radical communist activist Van Jones is President Obama’s Green Jobs “Advisor” and has such dangerous views it would cause most to question what he’s doing there.  While crickets sound from the MSM, Glenn Beck has been all over this.  Here’s a clip from yesterday’s show where he goes through Van Jones’s issues and others who surround [...]

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