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James O’Keefe Strikes Again

November 12, 2013

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is at it again!  This group exposed the corruption with ACORN, the holes in our voter ID laws, trouble with the NJEA teacher’s union, and much more.  They are truly necessary watchdogs helping to expose political corruption, speaking truth to power (as well as to the rest of us). Now, Project [...]

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“New Party” Obama Revelations

June 7, 2012

Stanley Kurtz, writing for National Review Online, expanded upon a period in Obama’s past when Obama openly supported, and apparently joined and sought the endorsement of, the “New Party,” a European-type socialist-leaning ACORN-affiliated group.  The New Party was so outside the mainstream back in the 1990s, they had to work through the front-group “Progressive Chicago” [...]

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Oakland’s Mayor Appeases Occupiers

October 28, 2011

The Occupy movement conjures up many images:  grungy libs, animus against police (including car poo), mass arrests, ACORN‘s murky involvement, and people demanding the property of others be given to them. When a full-fledged Occupier riot broke out in Oakland the other night the police came out and cleaned up the streets, dispersing the mob.  [...]

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Obama the Occupier?

October 25, 2011

Here’s a link I found on Drudge today which indicates that President Community Organizer was active in 1998 Chicago acting very similar to today’s “Occupy” rubes.  Though filled with anecdote and few witnesses, such associations and experiences as a young adult may be why the Obama Nation seems all enthused and nostalgic when he talks [...]

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James O’Keefe Takes on NPR

March 9, 2011

James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” is a godsend.  The undercover pimp who took down ACORN and whose team completely embarrassed the NJEA with their modern muckraking style, is at it again this time targeting National Public Radio (NPR).  Here’s the video everyone’s talking about: The effete liberal NPR CEO Vivian Schiller just lost her job today [...]

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James O’Keefe Exposes the NJEA

October 27, 2010

James O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, which promotes “modern day muckrakers,” has a scathing series of videos highlighting the cavalier attitude as well as the abuse and fraud with which the NJEA (the state-level teachers union) has been involved.  Remember, O’Keefe was involved in exposing ACORN’s mischief last year. As a teacher I’m embarrassed by all [...]

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NEA is Seeing Red

August 21, 2010

The country’s largest union, the National Education Association, is recommending Saul Alinsky’s books on their website for teachers or “anyone contemplating action in their community.”   ACORN’s out, so I guess the radical Left is looking for new blood to do their local community organizing. For those of you who aren’t aware, Alinksy was a radical [...]

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ACORN’s Latest “Bowel Movement”

April 22, 2010

In case you were wondering, ACORN is still in the tank after the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up pimp scandal last year, but their CEO Bertha Lewis is in the news once again.  This time she refers to the Tea Party Movement as a “bowel movement!”  Her audience was (no shock here) the Young Democratic Socialists.  Here’s the clip: [...]

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The Death of ACORN

March 23, 2010

In a bit of good news following the passage of socialized medicine, ACORN has decided to close its doors for good.  It seems that they’ve been in financial trouble ever since the videos surfaced showing ACORN staffers advocating for child prostitution.  I wonder why people wouldn’t want to give to an organization like that? The [...]

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More Suspicious Climategate Revelations

November 30, 2009

So you want to change the planet’s behavior in regards to CO2 production?  You also want to tell us that man-made global warming will destroy us all one day soon unless we act right now this very instant.  You take your Nobel Prize and wag it in front of us saying that your science is [...]

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Student Protest Over Tuition Hike at UCLA

November 19, 2009

I love when Millennials protest at college!  Here’s the most famous (and my favorite) moment in Millennial protest history.  Please, tase him again. Well, here’s a group of college kids at UCLA reacting to a tuition hike in the only way they can — yell loudly, aggravate the cops into reacting, and whine about it [...]

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ACORN Target on Late Night TV

September 19, 2009

Jay Leno had a little fun with ACORN last week on his new show.  Being that it’s on NBC, I’m pretty sure no one saw it so here’s snippet: If conservative values end up being defended at the expense of liberal ones in the popular culture, a sea-change is definitely underway.  What I mean is:  [...]

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Three Strikes for ACORN

September 14, 2009

The “ACORN supports prostitution and the exploitation of women” has been all over the news for the past week.  Now, in yet another instance of this ACORN scandal, video from New York City essentially shows an ACORN official promoting prostitution, marking the third time that this has occurred in three separate cities. One time could [...]

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Shouting Down the House

August 4, 2009

It’s been great to see all these town hall meetings going on across the land where Dems defending Obamacare without having read the bill are getting an earful from their constituents.  I also love that the Left is completely frustrated by concerned citizens they essentially call a Republican “mob.” However, in all the excitement something [...]

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Tea Parties: A Force To Be Reckoned With

July 28, 2009

When the Tea Parties first became a major force on Tax Day, April 15, many hoped (myself included) that the movement would have legs and become a force to champion the cause of limited, Conservative government based on the principles of our founding documents.  In the three months since the initial, nationwide Tax Day Tea [...]

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The Contreras Letter

June 19, 2009

The Glenn Beck Show is a lot of fun sometimes.  He’s so doomy and gloomy in a recovering alcoholic kind-of-way, but at the same time he’s grounded in principles which are pretty solid.  He gets a little shilly about his books, and goes a little nuts about ACORN (yuk yuk), but he’s always entertaining and I have read and [...]

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How Many Americans Will Lose Their Jobs?

February 4, 2009

How many Americans will lose their jobs if the stimulus doesn’t pass?  According to Madame Speaker, 500 million. Note the total U.S. Populaton, including infants, children, and the eldery, currently sits at just above 300 million.  Scott Martin at the Patriot Room thinks that she just said the stupidest thing that any politician has ever [...]

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The Coming Liberal Storm

November 6, 2008

We’re in it pretty deep.  Listening to Rush today, he read from an article written by Quin Hillyer for the American Spectator about the trouble we’re in for 2010 and 2012; it’s very enlightening and scary at the same time, and worth repeating as well.  Hillyer argues that since unabashed Libs now control so many levels [...]

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I Live on THAT Park Bench

October 29, 2008

American democracy is officially in rough shape.  To complete the final pre-election taint of the vote in Ohio, US District Court Judge Edmund Sargus said that not only could homeless people vote, but that accepting a rough estimate of the park bench or heating grate as their address is acceptable. Here are a few questions I have:  [...]

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Journalistic Malpractice

October 20, 2008

Barack Obama apparently has some explaining to do.  On his 2000 and 2002 tax returns, he listed $16,500 and $34,491 in speaking fees.  Yet, under Illinois State Ethics law, as a State Senator from 1997 to 2004, he was prohibited from receiving any speaking fees.  The Illinois Governmental Ethics Act provides: (5 ILCS 420/2-110) Sec. 2-110. [...]

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The Acorn Manifesto

October 17, 2008

Over at Sweetness and Light, they have found and posted Acorn’s “People’s Platform“.  Reading it is like reading one of the works of Karl Marx.  It goes well beyond modern European Socialism, and into full-blown Marxism.  We’ve already tied Barack Obama to ACORN– his consistent funneling of Money over the years, his handling of voter [...]

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Obama: Tied to ACORN

October 14, 2008

The McCain campaign has spent much time during this latest news cycle going after Obama’s ties to unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.  There are many other dubious associations in Obama’s corrupt machine-politics Chicago past.  One of these which is which is equally as damning as Ayers, and even more relevant to the current debate going on in [...]

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Obama Voter Fraud

October 9, 2008

The Democrat Party has a long tradition of Voter Fraud, and this year is no exception.  Much of the current controversy has surrounded groups like ACORN, which is a “community organizing” group that has a history of supporting Voter Fraud.  ACORN is particularly interesting this year due to Obama’s long-standing connections with ACORN.  In fact, the Obama [...]

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Obama Gaffe: ACORN on the Brain?

October 8, 2008

I wonder why Obama would be thinking about ACORN? It becomes quite obvious at the stutter that Obama is wondering whether he just cut the funny part of a McCain campaign commercial. Video via Hot Air

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WARNING: ACORN Voter Fraud Alert

September 28, 2008

The community organization ACORN ( Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now ) has had a real pattern of voter fraud through a history of sketchy registration practices and embezzlement.  They are die-in-the-wool Democrats rooting for Barack Obama obviously.  ACORN also has successfully gotten their hands into a Congressional slush fund designed to hook up low-income people with risky home-loans.  Believe it [...]

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Obama, Ayers, and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

September 23, 2008

Much has been said on the blogosphere (although little in the Drive-by Media) about Obama’s associations with William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist who planted bombs at the Pentagon in the late 60s.  Obama has stated that their association was circumstantial.  In a primary debate in April, Obama stated: This is a guy who lives in my [...]

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