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Adlai Stevenson

Day 3–The Truly Historic Moment in Denver

August 27, 2008

There was a major historical moment tonight at the Democrat National Convention… You guessed it!  At 6:49pm EDT the Democrat Party nominated a Presidential candidate with less experience than anyone in living memory! (see below)  He’s never really done anything of note, had to make a serious executive decision with true consequences, has no major legislation with his [...]

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Historians: McCain’s Going to Lose

June 15, 2008

According to this Politico story, historians (mostly liberal ones rooting for Obama I sure) give McCain a small chance of winning in the Fall.  (The rest of this post may seem like a little inside baseball if you’re not an historian.) One historian compared this election to 1932, when FDR trounced Hoover.  Another compared it [...]

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