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Acapella Africa

July 23, 2009

Here’s an 80s flashback with a modern twist.  In this clip, the Slovenian acapella group Perpetuum Jazzile performs the Toto classic, Africa.  I’ve seen many talented acapella groups but I don’t think I ever heard an acapella thunderstorm.  (Don’t adjust your volume when listening, the beginning is quiet as the thunderstorm builds). HT:  The Anchoress

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Matthews Slip Makes Palin’s Point

November 11, 2008

In an interview on Wiffleball last night, Chris “Chill Up My Leg” Matthews had a slip of the tongue, referring to Africa at one point as a “country”.  This proves the Sarah Palin point.  If she ever did call Africa a country, it was most likely in a similar context, a simple slip of the [...]

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Where’s The Rest of the Story Mr. Cameron?

November 5, 2008

The smears against Sarah Palin continue.  Earlier today, Fox News’ Carl Cameron gleefully “reported” a number of claims about Sarah Palin that are designed to undermine her future in the Republican Party.  According to Cameron, Palin did not realize that Africa was a continent, repeatedly threw temper tantrums, was a shopaholic, and answered hotel doors [...]

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