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Palin Responds to Schwarzenegger

December 16, 2009

Sarah Palin has once again used her Facebook page to issue a timely and forceful response to a prominent critic.  This time, Palin set her sight on Arnold Schwarzenegger for his recent criticism of her stance on climate change policy: Why is Governor Schwarzenegger pushing for the same sorts of policies in Copenhagen that have [...]

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Palin vs. Letterman

June 11, 2009

Having an a**-crack-of-dawn teacher schedule I am usually in bed obnoxiously early and rarely catch the 10 o’clock news let alone the late night talk shows.  So the attacks by David Letterman on Willow Palin went completely under my radar and was muffled at the water cooler this week due to the Yankees-Red Sox/Phillies-Mets series’ taking place.  So, I [...]

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Organized Effort Against Rush No Surprise

March 4, 2009

Democrat Party lackeys Rahm Emmanuel, Stanley Greenberg, Paul Begala and James Carville had been purposely targeting Rush Limbaugh as the new focus of evil in the modern world, according to the Politico today.  No surprise here — they got all they could from picking on Sarah Palin, who’s getting back to a normalcy in Alaska.  So, they took [...]

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This Is Obviously

January 30, 2009

Palin’s fault.

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Sarah Palin Post-Election Interview

November 8, 2008

Reporters showed up in Alaska as Gov. Palin returned to work as Governor, three days after the election.  In this interview, she touches on the vicious rumors circulating around about her, Sen. Ted Stevens, energy independence, and the role of Alaska in American politics.  The interview is insightful, and shows how when Sarah can be [...]

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Tasergate: The Official Smear Against Sarah Palin

October 11, 2008

The official legpergateislative report on troopergate tasergate was released yesterday, accusing Gov. Palin of abuse of power.  The report itself is contradictory and does not hold up logically, and does not hold up under the law.  The report by investigative attorney Steve Branchflower, is 263 pages in length (PDF) that basically can be summarized in two [...]

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Sarah Palin’s First Numbers

August 30, 2008

Renowned pollster Scott Rasmussen has polled the immediate reaction of voters to Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. 67% had NO idea who she was before Friday. Yet, amongst all voters 53% have a positive rating of her (including 29% VERY favorable), while 26% do not like her at all.  In contrast, [...]

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