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Amazing Race Liveblog: March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

With Congress socializing medicine as I type, now may be a good time for some good old-fashioned escapism.  The Amazing Race is on in a few minutes and I’ll be liveblogging.  Will the RI cops hope to continue their winning streak? Will the lesbians continue to snipe at the cowboys and each other? Will Jeff [...]

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Amazing Race Liveblog: Episode 2

February 21, 2010

Last week was the season premiere of the Amazing Race.  Starting in Los Angeles, the group made their way to Chile where Dana and Adrian were Philiminated before they even reached the Pit Stop thanks to their brilliant decision to let the fat guy walk the high wire. Big Brother favorites Jeff and Jordan won [...]

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Amazing Race Live Blog: Season Premiere

February 14, 2010

Tonight is the season premier of the Amazing Race.  And with Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan among the contestants, this season has potential.  Maybe they’ll “Forrest Gump” their way to the end.  Maybe they’ll crash and burn.  Either way, it could be entertaining.  I’ll be liveblogging the episode.  Feel free to join in. <a href=”″ [...]

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