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Democrats Aim for New New Deal, McCain Aims for Growth

October 14, 2008

Democrats, eyeing an Obama Presidency and a super-majority in the U.S. House, are working to craft legislation that will usher in a New New Deal, or as they call it, a re-engineering of the New Deal for the 21st century, which will usher in socialism for a generation.  The Democrats see, ironically, the Paulson Plan as the foundation [...]

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Obama’s Marxist Worldview Revealed

October 13, 2008

For those of you not convinced that Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth, Obama encountered a plumber in Ohio this weekend, whos plumbing business makes more than $250k.   The plumber asked Obama “Why do you want to raise my taxes?  My business makes more than $250k a year.”  Obama’s reply?  It’s not that I want to punish [...]

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