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Anglican Priest Goes All George Costanza on Seventh Commandment

December 21, 2009

Those frustrated with the rise of Cafeteria Catholicism can often be heard saying that the our society has transformed the Ten Commandments into the Ten “Suggestions.”  Father Tim Jones, Pastor of the Anglican St. Lawrence Church in York, UK has taken this transformation a step further.  During his recent Christmas sermon, Fr. Jones encouraged his [...]

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A Catholic on the English Throne?

September 25, 2008

Gordon Brown has drawn up an interesting proposal that would allow Catholics to sit on the English throne for the first time in over 300 years.  Presumably, people from other currently excluded faiths would also be eligible to wear the crown as well. Given the decline of Anglican Church attendance, the increase in Catholic Church [...]

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A Gay Wedding Between Two Priests

June 16, 2008

The Anglican Church is in crisis.  Britons are moving away from it in droves, many of whom are dropping religion altogether or becoming Roman Catholics, like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (I bet he has private health insurance too!). The recent dilemma wreaking havoc over the Anglican Church is what to do about homosexuals.  Many [...]

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Christian Leader Calls For Sharia Law

February 7, 2008

When a nation like the United Kingdom is confronted with the rise of Islamic extremism to the point where there is a significant minority of British Muslims who are unashamed to give two thumbs up to acts of terrorism, it might be time for some of that patented British resolve. Don’t tell that to Dr. [...]

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