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Liberal Attention Whore Angus King Shocks the Nation, Caucuses with the Democrats

November 14, 2012

It can be difficult to figure out which party you should belong to, especially when you’re so involved in politics that you go through the ordeal of all the fundraising, campaigning, and scrutiny that comes with a statewide Senate race.  But senator-elect Angus King was tortured about this decision, and he wanted you to know [...]

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Angus King, Attention Whore

November 9, 2012

It looks like Maine just elected a Senator even more annoying than Olympia Snowe.  The state’s former governor, Angus King, was elected to the seat as independent.  During the campaign, he consistently claimed that he wasn’t sure if he would caucus with the Democrats or Republicans if he was elected. Of course, King’s background and [...]

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