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Obama Super PAC Crosses a Line

August 7, 2012

“Priorities USA Action,” an Obama super PAC, produced this ad which clearly crosses a line: The gist:  Mitt Romney is somehow responsible for the death of this man’s wife. Is the left already going there?  I figured they eventually would, but this is backbench, desperation-type stuff in early August.  On top of it all, the [...]

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Romney Defends American Business

July 18, 2012

Yesterday, Mitt Romney finally struck back against Obama’s diminution of American business last Friday.  Here is a clip from Romney’s rebuttal: Solid defense (be it four days too late!). Dovetailing that, the Romney campaign exposed the Obama Team’s hypocrisy on Bain Capital noting that: “President Obama has based his entire reelection campaign on a vicious, [...]

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Todd Palin Tips Hat to Newt

January 9, 2012

It was reported today that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd spoke with Newt Gingrich this morning, offering his support to the Speaker’s campaign to replace Obama.  Still no word on who Sarah’s going to support.  McCain’s supporting Romney because McCain, for establishmentarian reasons, must.  Sarah will probably go rogue from her former 2008 campaign partner. I [...]

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Let the Private Sector Fix the Economy

September 29, 2008

Hat tip to MrsSal for finding this one.  With the $700 Billing Bailout package looming, the Boston Globe reports today that investment firms such as Bain Capital want a chance to bid on the distressed assets that the government is planning to “bail out.“  From the article:  Boston’s Bain Capital and Bank of New York [...]

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