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Pawlenty Forms Exploratory Committee

March 21, 2011

That title is about as energized as I felt when I heard the announcement that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is likely to run for President.  After a wide “yawn” and long arm stretch I thought, “Well, OK.  The video’s not too bad — Reagan, Lincoln.  OK.  Now, what else you got?” All my negativity [...]

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“Hope” in Burlington, New Jersey

October 12, 2009

Remember this creepy Obama Song from Burlington, New Jersey, a few weeks ago?  (Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mm, yeah that one!)  Well, hope sprang up today in that town as concerned parents, members of the community and other outraged New Jerseyans got together to have a small, but important protest outside of the elementary school [...]

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A Comment on the “Birthers”

July 28, 2009

They have a name now:  “the birthers,” those who believe that Barack Hussein Obama was not born an American citizen and according to Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States, should be immediately disqualified from serving as President, and potentially rescinding all of his actions while in office.  They claim that [...]

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Look Who Showed Up to Lunch

January 7, 2009

From right to left Jimmah, Bubba, Dubya, The Emperor Zero Most High Merciful and Beneficent Lord Barack Hussein Obama, and Bush 41 all had lunch together at the White House today.  This kind of lunch encounter hasn’t happened since Reagan had Nixon, Ford and Jimmah over to chat too back in the day.   Today, the President Club ate [...]

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