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Republicans Win 2010 Midterm Election

November 3, 2010

President Obama and the Democrat Party suffered a humiliating defeat in last night’s midterm elections.  The Republican Party gained at least 61 seats in the House of Representatives to wrest control of the chamber from Nancy Pelosi’s iron grip.  In the Senate, the Republicans gained at least 5 seats, giving them enough to votes to [...]

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Obama Heckled at Boxer Rally

April 20, 2010

Imagine if President Obama was giving a campaign speech on behalf of Senator Barbara Boxer and a few Tea Partiers heckled him on-and-off for about six minutes or so.  Big story, right?  Well, that didn’t really happen… a few pro-gay activists at the Boxer rally did that instead! Here it is:  I’m sure the media [...]

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Hot Air: From the People Who Brought You DemonSheep

March 16, 2010

From the makers of the infamous Demonsheep ad:  this isn’t Hot Air the blog, but a 7+ minute campaign video featuring Barbara Boxer as a blimp.  No, not a horrifically overweight person, but an actual, flying blimp.  I have to admit, I was glued to my screen for the full 7 minutes, wanting to see [...]

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The Continuing Smackdown of Barbara Boxer

July 22, 2009

Harry Alfred, the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce, appeared on O’Reilly last night.  He is now famous for taking down Barbara Boxer for her racial comments to him during a Senate committee hearing on cap-and-trade, and was on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss the issue.  Although Bill disagrees (he does not want to [...]

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Beck Exposes Barbara Boxer Brilliantly!

July 18, 2009

Get the popcorn out!  This clip from yesterday’s Glenn Beck Show is an absolute classic, exposing a super-Lib for what she is.  Harry Alford of the Black Chamber of Commerce gives California Senator Barbara Boxer a brilliant smackdown on the race issue, Beck notices that Boxer is being inconsistent on the “ma’am” issue, and finally Annie C [...]

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Newt Says (and I agree): Sign the Petition!

May 29, 2008

Here’s Newt making tons of sense once again: So, SIGN THIS PETITION from Newt’s American Solutions project to get your voice heard on having a sound, pro-growth energy policy for our nation during these hard times.  The Warner-Lieberman Bill is a horrible, anti-growth, anti-business bill that is gaining momentum in the Senate not because it is sound [...]

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Boxer Hits the Pope

April 18, 2008

Barbara Boxer is a complete b-tch! Here Pope Benedict XVI, leader of over 1 billion Roman Catholics around the world and 65 million in the USA alone, has come to the United States for the first time in his Papacy bringing good will and reconciliation to all, when Ned Flanders himself Senator Sam Brownback wanted to [...]

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