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BBC: Where’d All the Global Warming Go?

October 10, 2009

In a bold move, the BBC only yesterday asked, “What happened to global warming?  The globe’s temps have been falling since 1998 and the pius members of the international global warming religious movement cannot believe it.  Their best response in the face of the facts are: while it may be getting cooler, the next few [...]

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Spiegel Im Spiegel

April 21, 2009

Most of the world is enamored with Susan Boyle at the moment and I can’t say I blame them.  But it was another music piece on British media that caught my attention this week.  I don’t often listen to classical music, but I stumbled across this gem while listening to BBC One in the car [...]

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BBC Employees Unknowingly Admit Pro-Palestinian Bias

February 21, 2009

Four hundred BBC employees have signed a petition to overturn the BBC’s recent decision not to broadcast a pro-Palestinian propaganda special “Gaza Humanitarian Aid Appeal.”  The employees argue that by not airing the special, the BBC is effectively taking sides in the conflict.  Apparently, the BBC would never dream of broadcasting one-sided coverage in the [...]

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McCain’s Debate Win

September 27, 2008

Focus groups are a double edged sword. On the one hand, focus groups are more useful than properly-conducted polls because they allow us to explore the reasons behind people’s thoughts in greater depth than a properly-conducted poll does. On the flip side, the small sample size one gets in a focus groups makes them highly [...]

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