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It is a Problem if All Your Professors are Democrats

July 15, 2009

Dan Lawton, a journalism student at the University of Oregon, recently noticed that most of the professors at the University of Oregon are liberals.   Being the intellectually curious student he is, Lawton decided to write about the disparity in hopes of starting a dialogue about whether a monolithically liberal faculty was in the University’s best [...]

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BBC Employees Unknowingly Admit Pro-Palestinian Bias

February 21, 2009

Four hundred BBC employees have signed a petition to overturn the BBC’s recent decision not to broadcast a pro-Palestinian propaganda special “Gaza Humanitarian Aid Appeal.”  The employees argue that by not airing the special, the BBC is effectively taking sides in the conflict.  Apparently, the BBC would never dream of broadcasting one-sided coverage in the [...]

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Chris Matthews is a Parody of Himself

November 6, 2008

Chris Matthews almost likes pretending to be an objective journalist as much as he likes thinking people actually believe he is. Despite Matthews’ best efforts, both of his regular viewers and all those who have heard of Hardball know that Matthews is in the tank for the One. Take this interview Matthews conducted with Barack [...]

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