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Bin Laden raid

Obama in Spades

August 15, 2013

What would you do if after having apparently cancelled the Bin Laden raid three times already, it was finally happening on live feeds from the SEAL’s headcams on huge screens in the situation room?  I know I’d be glued! However, a candid moment from Obama’s old “bodyman,” Reggie Love (some people are born with porn [...]

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Mitt Takes the Mitts Off at VFW

July 24, 2012

Mitt Romney upped his game today at a speech in front of a Nevada VFW.  Romney soon embarks on an overseas trip to various countries, including the UK, Poland, and Israel, so a speech on foreign policy to a group of veterans makes sense before he leaves.  He acknowledged the victims of the Movie Massacre, [...]

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Veterans Group Targets Obama

May 3, 2012

Responding to Obama’s poorly devised football-spiking Bin Laden ad, the group Veterans for a Stronger America produced this superb ad: Great ad — a group of veterans glorifying the sacrifices of those who actually carry out the overseas contingency operations War on Terror, while using Obama’s own words against him.  It doesn’t get more effective [...]

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