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Blue-Dog Democrat Switches to GOP

December 22, 2009

Much is often made by the state-run media along with the Democrats of how the GOP is made up of right-wing nuts who force moderates and others out of the party.  When a Republican such as Jim Jeffords and Arlen Specter switch to the Democrat party, much is made of about how the GOP doesn’t [...]

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Democrats Don’t Have the Votes for ObamaCare

October 27, 2009

It’s starting to look like the Democrats don’t have the votes for the public option.  An internal Democrat memo today shows that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have less than 200 of the 218 votes needed to pass Health Care Reform with a public option.  Similarly, in the Senate, Joe Lieberman announced today [...]

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Could Blue-Dogs Hold the Key to Stopping Stimulus?

February 7, 2009

The Blue-Dog Democrats in the House have been somewhat disenchanted with the Democrat leadership, and have been wanting to flex their muscles.  They realize that they are in districts that could go Republican in 2010, and may be the key to defeating the stimulus package.  Today, a letter signed by 49 Blue Dog Democrats was [...]

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Obama Looking for Republican Cover

January 27, 2009

Barack Obama is looking for Republican Cover regarding his stimulus package, by meeting with Republicans today on Capital Hill.  He is hoping to convince them to support his $850+ billion stimulus package, thinking that he would placate them by removing the contraception-funding provisions.  What he forgets is that the contraceptive funding is only one example [...]

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Blue-Dogs Seek Leadership

November 8, 2008

One of the reasons that the Democrats won the Congress in 2006 is that they ran moderate-sounding Democrats in Red states.  The trend continued in 2008 as they picked up another 20 seats.  Now the Blue-Dogs are asserting themselves by demanding a seat at the leadership table in the House. Says Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.), [...]

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