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Democrats Don’t Have the Votes for ObamaCare

October 27, 2009

It’s starting to look like the Democrats don’t have the votes for the public option.  An internal Democrat memo today shows that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have less than 200 of the 218 votes needed to pass Health Care Reform with a public option.  Similarly, in the Senate, Joe Lieberman announced today [...]

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Obamacare Down but Not Done

July 30, 2009

I was bothered beyond the normal bits of agita which this Administration tends to summon when word came yesterday that the Blue Dogs were in a meeting designed to compromise with Pelosi on Obamacare legislation. OK… Mylanta, Maalox or Tums…hmm…  Blue Dog or not, a Democrat is still a Democrat most of the time. However, [...]

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Reid Says He’ll Wait ’til September

July 23, 2009

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated that the Obamacare proposals on the table will not be voted on until after the August recess.  After the President’s terribly filibustered, lie-ridden monologue last night, it must have seemed clear that this Obamacare initiative is not going to fly in the Senate.   Even the 52 House Blue [...]

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2010 Optimism Unclear

July 15, 2009

It’s early, but our government is staunchly liberal and the public’s patience is wearing thin with the Democrat’s bald-faced tax-and-spend impulse.  Being intellectually honest with myself, I have to ask:  is the conservative optimism out there simply an emotional response against a dangerous government’s increasingly unpopular policies or is there evidence, both historical and otherwise substantive, that [...]

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Could Blue-Dogs Hold the Key to Stopping Stimulus?

February 7, 2009

The Blue-Dog Democrats in the House have been somewhat disenchanted with the Democrat leadership, and have been wanting to flex their muscles.  They realize that they are in districts that could go Republican in 2010, and may be the key to defeating the stimulus package.  Today, a letter signed by 49 Blue Dog Democrats was [...]

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244-188: Stimulus Passes House sans Republicans

January 28, 2009

Sweetness.  Not a single Republican broke ranks to vote for the $819 billion “stimulus” package (not including the extra 300 million or so in interest we’ll eventually have to pay on the deficit because of this bill), and 11 Blue Dogs decided they wanted to be reelected in 2010 without the stench of this monstrosity. I [...]

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Pinkerton: Divided Government Means McCain Wins

August 10, 2008

Jim Pinkerton from “The American Conservative” has a new artcile on the Fox Forum which lays out his idea about why he thinks McCain will win in November.  His thought: because the Dems are slated to sweep Congress, McCain will be elected President so that the “divided government” concept since World War II will be continued. [...]

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A Mississippi Massacre Portends a Cold November

May 14, 2008

First Dennis Hastert’s seat in Illinois, then two seats in the Deep South over the past two weeks.  Three House seats historically and reliably Republican have fallen to conservative Dems (Blue Dogs) who have no business winning seats in these historically Republican districts.  Yet, the Dems are winning them.  Mississippi Republican Greg Davis lost to Democrat [...]

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