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The Fast and Furious “Executive Privilege” Escalation

June 20, 2012

With hours left for Attorney General Eric Holder to hand over documents to the House Oversight and Government Reforms Committee, the AG played a game-changing card regarding the “Fast and Furious” affair — Holder got his boss, President Obama, to assert “executive privilege” over the documents in question, stymieing Congress’ investigation into the death of [...]

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“Fast and Furious” Scandal Keeps Growing

September 3, 2011

Apparently, the White House knew more than they were letting on about “Fast and Furious” in the days after a border patrol agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by one of the guns clandestinely sold to Mexican drug gangs.  The White House obviously disputes any new issues which have arisen from the newly discovered [...]

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“Fast and Furious” Set to Explode

July 12, 2011

In 2009, the Holder Justice Department (too busy to deal with the most obvious example of voter intimidation I’ve ever seen) expanded the on-going Project Gunrunner in what has become known as “Operation Fast and Furious”.  In order to obtain evidence against Mexican drug cartels, undercover ATF agents sold weapons to those cartels hoping to [...]

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