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Bush Derangement Syndrome

Tea Party: Delusional Addicts They are Not

August 4, 2011

The left gets funny when they get desperate, so we all knew this was coming:  MSNBC had a psychologist on to say that Tea Partiers are exhibiting delusional behavior similar to those of people with addiction.  Off-base and ridiculous, this interview was a simple sore-loser move. This episode reminded me somewhat when the left went [...]

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Democrats To Engage in Witch-Hunt

January 18, 2009

Now that the Democrats are less than two days away from achieving complete power in Washington, there seems to be talk about prosecutions of Bush administration officials in order to appease the nutroots.  Rep. John Conyers of the House Judiciary committee wants to set up a special commission to investigate the Bush administration,  Pelosi seems [...]

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Krauthammer Casts His Early Ballot

October 24, 2008

In his latest column, the syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer endorses John McCain for President.  I love his column partially because he picks on the lily-livered, weak-kneed RINOs who are prematurely giving up or even jumping ship.  Then he makes a few simple points:  the economy will return to normal like it always eventually does, Obama was dead wrong on the Surge [...]

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