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T-Paw Runs Empty Podium Ad

August 9, 2011

Before President Downgrade delivered his latest uninspiring speech yesterday, he played a little joke on the plebs.  You see, he told the networks he would speak at one o’clock, but didn’t actually show up until a little before two.  During that hour, many of the cable channels ran images of the Empty Suit’s empty podium.  [...]

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New Ad in NY-23 Labels Scozzofava as Choice for Progressives

October 29, 2009

A new ad in the NY-23 congressional race was put out as a conservative group, made to appear as a pro-Scozzofava ad, detailing her liberal positions on the stimulus, gay marriage, and card check.  The ad labels her the “choice for progressives” in hopes of dissuading Republicans from voting for her: Politico calls it an [...]

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GOP Stimulus Ad Makes The Point

July 9, 2009

With Obama’s approval ratings now hovering at about 50% and the economy continuing to flounder, the Republicans have a real opportunity to score some political points.  As pointed out previously, the first stimulus package is a complete disaster, and Democrats are worried, so much so that they are considering a second stimulus.  Well, the GOP [...]

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NRSC Launches 2010 Campaign

June 18, 2009

The National Republican Senatorial Committee launched the 2010 campaign this week, with a new ad that focuses on American values vs. Liberal values.  While more of a feel-good ad for Republicans, it illustrates what is at stake in the elections; big vs. small government, and freedom vs. tyranny.  With the video ending with words of [...]

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I Too Hope We Never Find Out

October 25, 2008

Let Freedom Ring is now running a series of campaign ads as part of their Never Find Out campaign.  The following ad is what I see as the most effective because it succinctly explains why higher taxes on those with higher incomes negatively affects those in the middle class. The ad is right.  What liberals [...]

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Why Can’t McCain Run Ads Like This?

October 15, 2008

Many conservatives (myself included) have been frustrated that the McCain camp can’t get the message out on Obama and his Liberalism.  We have felt that the media was giving him a free pass.  An independent group called Let Freedom Ring has begun to release ads in key battleground states and national cable and network spots.  The [...]

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