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Captain Richard Phillips

The Pirates Lose Their Gamble

April 12, 2009

Well, I was close — I thought the well-placed snipers would take all four of the pirates out, but only three got to meet their Creator today.  The fourth one, who left the lifeboat hours earlier to negotiate, is in custody ready to get Mirandized and receive ACLU/Amnesty International lawyers who are undoubtedly at the ready to get him off in [...]

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The Pirates Call Our Bluff

April 11, 2009

To paraphrase Rush from yesterday, America’s reaction to the taking of Captain Richard Phillips Wednesday by Somali pirates is the foreign policy equivalent of voting “Present.” Now, due to the US waffling and inaction the four Somali pirates on a powerless lifeboat are demanding $2 million for Phillips while a second ship has been hijacked by other pirates.  [...]

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