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Hot Air: From the People Who Brought You DemonSheep

March 16, 2010

From the makers of the infamous Demonsheep ad:  this isn’t Hot Air the blog, but a 7+ minute campaign video featuring Barbara Boxer as a blimp.  No, not a horrifically overweight person, but an actual, flying blimp.  I have to admit, I was glued to my screen for the full 7 minutes, wanting to see [...]

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Bizarre Political Moment of 2010: Demon Sheep

February 3, 2010

Yes, this is already everywhere in the blogosphere, but how could I not do a post about this?  Yes, this is an actual political ad created and put up by the Carley Fiorina Campaign for U.S. Senate in California, about her opponent in the GOP primary, Tom Campbell (skip to about 2:15 if you get [...]

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