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Hopeful Pro-Life Trends Emerge

October 1, 2009

Pew Research came out with a poll (pdf) indicating that support for abortion is now tied at 50-50.  The poll’s sampling size was over 4000, so statistically it’s a pretty decent size (no one’s poll is perfect, though).  However, the largest demographic shift they found was amongst Catholics, who may have started actually listening to the homilies at [...]

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Movie Review — Angels and Demons

May 17, 2009

I’m generally not a big fan of Ron Howard, but occasionally I’ll indulge in one of the remarkably formulaic movies he directs.  Angels and Demons was one of them that I indulged in and generally enjoyed.  With all the anti-Catholic buzz surrounding The DaVinci Code a few years back, I thought I’d have to see Angels and [...]

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McCain v. Obama at the Saddleback Church Civic Forum

August 17, 2008

Last evening, the evangelical mega-church, Saddleback Church, had a “civic forum” with the candidates to discuss issues Pastor Rick Warren wished to hear about.  It was not a debate in the usual sense.  The format was excellent: about 50 minutes a piece, one candidate at a time using the same questions with the same audience for [...]

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Isaac Hayes Dies at 65

August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes is the second significant entertainer to die in the last three days!  Well-known for his work on the Shaft soundtrack and as the voice of “Chef” on South Park, Hayes was found dead near his treadmill at about 1pm today in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was 65. Hayes was a highly influential, Grammy-winning musician [...]

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