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Creepy Indoctrination of Children

September 24, 2009

Before the election, we had the famous yet creepy  Obama Youth video (made into the even more famous yet hilarious Pyongyang Remix).  Now, a year later, we have children at a public school in the state of New Jersey (sorry Ryan) taught to chant to their dear leader.  It appears the cult of Obama is [...]

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You Don’t Hate Children? Do You?

November 17, 2008

According to this article citing a YouGov (accurate British pollster) survey, British society appears to “condemn” children, with a majority of Brits seeing their children’s behavior  as “like animals.”  On the bright side, maybe the British public is now immune from the childish political argument that a particular government program must be implemented “for the [...]

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Let’s Not Teach The World To Sing

September 30, 2008

It’s no secret that Barack Obama is trying to overcome the perception that he suffers from a God complex. It’s also no secret that Obama supporters have been known to display cult-like behavior. Maybe some of the One’s followers don’t have enough blood in their Kool-Aid stream, but you’d think that supporters of a candidate [...]

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