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Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

May 9, 2012

One day after the people of North Carolina adopted a ban on gay marriage, President Obama goes on the record supporting it (by the way, Charlotte happens to be where the Democratic National Convention is being held this summer… oops, slight oversight). Of course, this is ultimately where Obama wanted to go on the issue [...]

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Christie to Veto Gay Marriage Bill

February 16, 2012

The NJ State legislature has passed a bill today which would legalize gay marriage in the Garden State.  However, Governor Christie has vowed to veto the measure on two grounds:  first, he’s opposed to the idea since NJ already has a civil union law which is effectively the same thing;  and also that Christie wants [...]

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Gay Marriage Defeated in NJ Senate

January 7, 2010

Earlier this afternoon, the New Jersey State Senate voted 20-14 (with 5 not voting and 1 vacancy) to defeat the latest gay marriage proposal.  Lame-duck Governor Jon Corzine vowed to sign it into law, while Governor-elect Chris Christie said he would veto any gay marriage bill.  Neither will get that chance now. Here’s a few [...]

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