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Syria Used Chemical Weapons Against Rebels — Now What?

June 13, 2013

Yesterday, Bill Clinton reportedly told a crowd that President Obama risks looking like a “total wuss” if the second black President doesn’t intervene in Syria. Just a few hours ago, the US government finally admitted that the Assad regime in Syria actually used chemical weapons on the rebels, which killed an estimated 100-150 people.  This [...]

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President’s Day

February 18, 2013

Today we honor the 43 men who have been Presidents of the United States of America.  It wasn’t always this way.  Originally “Washington’s Birthday,” President’s Day has only recently referred to all presidents — a move primarily promoted by businesses looking to stoke patriotism as a way to sell more goods. Quite frankly, some of [...]

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Obama vs. Democrats on Welfare Reform

August 8, 2012

I’m glad that the Romney team has continued to use Obama’s own words against him in TV and Internet ads.  Here’s the latest ad, which pits Clinton, Kerry, Carl Levin, and his own Vice President Biden against Obama’s latest gutting of the landmark 1996 welfare reform: I wonder if Clinton will bring this up during his marquis [...]

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Please, Bushes, Go Away

February 25, 2012

I wish the Bushes would just go away.  Bush 41′s “conservatism” got us Bill Clinton, while Bush 43′s “conservatism” got us Barack Obama.  Jeb Bush said Thursday that he used to be a conservative, before correcting his Freudian slip, and warned the GOP to stop playing on people’s fears and pivot to the center as [...]

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Obama Engages Tea Partier

August 16, 2011

While glad-handing yesterday in Iowa, the President had this exchange with some Tea Party folks in the crowd: The Fox people technically had it right:  while never saying the Tea Party “acted like terrorists” on the record, it’s hard to imagine the gaffe-prone Vice President not saying it in a closed door session with his [...]

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