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CNBC: Rhode Island is the Worst State for Business

July 12, 2012

Based upon a series of metrics, CNBC ranked all the states on everything from the cost of doing business, to infrastructure, to access to capital, etc. in order to determine which was the best state for business. My home state of Rhode Island ranked dead last among the states!  While not the worst in every category, Little Rhody [...]

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Cramer v. Obama

March 4, 2009

A war of words has been ignited between CNBC Financial Analyst Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, and the Obama Administration.  Yesterday, Cramer lambasted the Obama administration for completely destroying the economy, stating that, among other things, we elected a Lenonist: When asked about this, press secretary Robert Gibbs responded by insulting Cramer without refuting [...]

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The Chicago Tea Party

February 19, 2009

CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli is Every Man’s hero today!  Listen to his rant on the air today about the proposed housing bailout bill: The CNBC people tried to deflate his zeal, but it’s there and it’s real.  I don’t like the idea of paying for someone else’s mortgage.  If you are actually cool with that, PLEASE comment so I can [...]

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