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Colin Powell: Another Whiney RINO

December 13, 2008

Colin Powell is a well-established RINO.  So, I suppose his endorsement of The One last month was just another way for him to demonstrate his Republican credentials, at least according to the tone of this CNN story.  Among other things, Powell takes a swipe at the conservative direction the party needs to go in by picking [...]

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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

October 19, 2008

The RINOs have a new face this morning:  Colin Powell.  The still self-professed “Republican” said on Meet the Depressed this morning that Powell will be voting for Obama because The One has run a positive campaign and is a “transformational figure” for America and the world.  Truth is we need a President who can articulate American values clearly [...]

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Is Colin Powell a Turncoat?

August 13, 2008

Some inside info from Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard indicates that not only will Colin Powell eventually endorse Obama, but may even speak at the Convention!  Powell denies all of this to ABC and “Roll Call”, but in today’s crazy political environment where you have Republicans for Obama (maybe they’re still awash in his saintly [...]

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