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Simon Cowell, Tory

May 27, 2010

Simon Cowell signed off for the last time on American Idol‘s finale last night (no, I didn’t watch it either).  Well, Cowell did a round of interviews which exposed him as a Conservative Party supporter earlier this month, which was mentioned once again in a Fox News interview he did this week. Understanding debt and [...]

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Prime Minister David Cameron

May 12, 2010

David Cameron became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom yesterday after being asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form a government.  He is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the youngest Prime Minister in two centuries.  Cameron replacing Gordon Brown is undoubtedly welcome news and although most small “c” conservatives are in [...]

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Gordon Brown Labours to Stop Making an Ass of Himself

April 28, 2010

The British General election campaign kicked into high gear during my self-imposed blogging sabbatical during which I left everyone with the blogging of Sal and Ryan.  Awesome though they are, they’re just not as interested in British politics as I am so the blog suffered on that front.  Mea culpa.  So much happened in the [...]

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Prospect of Hung Parliament Looms in the UK

January 4, 2010

The next British General Election is going to be held no later than May.  David Cameron’s Conservative Party has held a commanding lead in the polls ever since Gordon Brown chickened out and decided against calling a snap election in 2007.  In recent months however, Gordon Brown’s Labour Party has slightly narrowed the gap, causing [...]

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Labour-Leaning Voters Not Exactly Ga Ga for Gordon

March 11, 2009

Legitimate pollsters readily admit that the true value of a poll is not the main horserace number, but numbers on related questions that give a poll reader a more accurate reading on the dynamics of a race.  One of these related questions is intensity. It’s no secret that the British Conservative Party has been consistently [...]

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Snubbing Brits an Example of Obama’s Twisted Priorities

March 8, 2009

For those of us who root for the Conservative Party when following British politics, watching Gordon Brown’s disastrous trip to the United States was a treat because it was merely the most recent episode of what has become a Labour Party trainwreck.  Although Brown’s trip was entertaining to follow from that perspective, the American in [...]

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Canadian Losers Unite

December 2, 2008

Stephen Harper’s days as Canada’s Prime Minister may be numbered.  That’s because the Liberals, NDP, Greens, and Bloc Quebecois have signed an agreement to replace the minority Conservative government with a coalition of their own.  The official pretext explanation given by the opposition is the financial crisis.  The real reason is that Harper’s recent push [...]

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Stephen Harper’s Conservatives Win Canadian Election

October 14, 2008

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party was re-elected in today’s 40th Canadian Federal Election.  Although the election was dominated by other issues, Harper has always been a favorite of this site because of his unabashed conservatism coupled with his steadfast in his support for the United States and the civilized world in the War on Terror. Two [...]

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Gordon Brown Appeases Labour, For Now

September 23, 2008

Gordon Brown addressed the annual Labour Party Conference earlier today (or yesterday if you’re over there) and even though he delivered an OK speech, the Conservatives should be very happy when reading between the lines. Badly trailing the Conservatives for about a year now, it is hardly news when Brown attacks David Cameron as inexperienced. [...]

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EU Constitution Rejected Yet Again

June 15, 2008

Kudos to Ireland for rejecting the EU Constitution in Thursday’s referendum.  Although the rejected document was actually titled the “Lisbon Treaty,” voters realized that it was nothing more than the previously-rejected Constitution under a different name.  How do we know this?  Angela Merkel admitted it last year. The main question on everyone’s mind at this [...]

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Red Ken Livingstone and Labour Take A Beating as Boris Johnson Paints London Blue

May 3, 2008

Our British friends went to the polls in a series of local elections in England and Wales on Friday and the results were an unmitigated disaster for Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. In fact, it was the Conservatives’ best election result in years. The icing on the cake however, was that Boris Johnson defeated Red Ken [...]

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Harman vs. Hague: Pre-Thatcher Talking Point Thirty Years Too Late

April 13, 2008

One classic line of attack from the liberal playbook is the false charge that conservatives are threatened by powerful women. You’d think conservative admiration for powerful women such as Margaret Thatcher, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and Condoleezza Rice would have dispelled this notion, but facts never got in the way of a good liberal talking point before [...]

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