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The Worship Of Barack Obama

September 29, 2009

Conservatives often joke about the seeming messiah-complex of Barack Obama, and how many of his followers seem to look at him as almost a deity.  Such claims are often bolstered by such events as schoolchildren chanting to him, substituting his name into lyrics originally written about Jesus.  Now, a group of community organizers known as [...]

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Creepy Indoctrination of Children

September 24, 2009

Before the election, we had the famous yet creepy  Obama Youth video (made into the even more famous yet hilarious Pyongyang Remix).  Now, a year later, we have children at a public school in the state of New Jersey (sorry Ryan) taught to chant to their dear leader.  It appears the cult of Obama is [...]

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Pledging Allegiance To Obama

January 23, 2009

The worship of The One’s ascension to his throne continues, as Hollywood celebrities recently got together to create a video pledging their allegiance to Obama and to now start doing good deeds. The video is funny, but at the same time somewhat creepy. Boston Talk Radio host and NRO contributor Michael Graham decided that this [...]

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The Obama Youth Militant

October 3, 2008

First the One took the Grand Tour. Then his supporters brainwashed their children to sing to their leader totalitarian style; at least ReasonTV followed that one up with the lighthearted Pyongyang remix.  The latest round of Obama Youth is even freakier than the first. I can almost understand Obama taking himself as seriously as he [...]

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Let’s Not Teach The World To Sing

September 30, 2008

It’s no secret that Barack Obama is trying to overcome the perception that he suffers from a God complex. It’s also no secret that Obama supporters have been known to display cult-like behavior. Maybe some of the One’s followers don’t have enough blood in their Kool-Aid stream, but you’d think that supporters of a candidate [...]

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