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GOP Votes to Defund Obama’s Czars

February 18, 2011

Obama has been prolific in appointing non-cabinet overseers to run various portions of the executive branch, known as Czars.  The Czars have always been a point of contention due to the fact that, unlike Cabinet members, they are not required to appear before the Senate for oversight.  Even the late former Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) [...]

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Whoa there! Obama’s Not Done Yet

August 24, 2010

A month ago, I elaborated on those who thought that James Carville’s criticism of Obama on the Gulf Oil Leak was opening salvo from Hillary’s 2012  Presidential campaign.  Then, outlets like the UK Telegraph and Neil Cavuto took it further, hypothesizing that Obama may not even run at all in 2012! It is true that [...]

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Obama’s Czar Problem

June 6, 2009

So far, Obama has been all about appointing and keeping “czars” beyond the traditional Drug Czar or Security Czar, to all sorts of new czars:  bank bailout czar, energy czar, car czar, US border czar, urban czar, regulatory czar, stimulus accountability czar, Iran czar, Afghanistan czar, Pakistan czar, Middle East czar, cyber security czar, Great Lakes [...]

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