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Sparring Over Common Core

April 18, 2014

While scouring the Internets this morning, I noticed RCP had two contrasting views on Common Core — the national education standards 45 states adopted without looking at them first. David Brooks takes the Ruling Class apologist’s view, basically that one should just get over it and embrace the change. Erick Erickson takes the skeptical view, [...]

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State-Run Media Elitism On Display

September 1, 2009

David Brooks, formerly a conservative, is one of the media’s token conservatives.  He is purported by those in the state-run media as being a conservative, but never really espouses conservative views, and has been a huge supporter of Barack Obama.  Now we know why.  David Brooks is in love with Barak Obama, as he sees [...]

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The Return of the Obamacons: David Brooks (Sort Of)

March 5, 2009

After hearing about it on Rush and seeing it written about at Ace of Spades, I read Brooks’ recent Op-Ed about his disillusionment with Barack Obama.  After reading it, I debated writing this second post in the series “Return of the Obamacons“, bringing Brooks into the fold of Obamacons who have returned.  Because while Brooks [...]

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