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Funny, I Don’t Feel AA+

August 7, 2011

Right around the time when people were fleeing home for the weekend on Friday afternoon, Standard and Poors decided to downgrade America’s credit rating to AA+ from AAA.  Of course the administration is irate and the G20 has decided hold emergency talks about how they feel about US treasuries moving forward.  A downgrade could mean [...]

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Rubio’s “Whole House” Speech

July 31, 2011

This clip definitely needs to be added to the echo chamber if you haven’t see it yet.  It’s about 15 minutes, but completely worth it especially towards the end: If you haven’t got the time to watch, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, everyone’s favorite potential GOP VP pick next year, clearly expresses reality in the face [...]

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Debt Crisis is Getting Old

July 27, 2011

I’m starting to tune out of these debt plans, non-plans, revised plans, blah blah blah.  So, I’ve adopted a few ground rules for myself moving forward: No Congress can legally saddle a long-term budget plan onto any future Congress;  ergo, any planned debt reductions past 2012 are total crap. Whatever the Republicans pass is way [...]

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Obama and Boehner’s Dueling Speeches

July 26, 2011

President Obama and John Boehner gave dueling prime time speeches last night which pretty much broke down this way: Obama blamed Bush and Tea Party conservatives out of the gate for everything that’s wrong, took Ronald Reagan’s name in vain and without context, lied again about the social security checks, played class warfare like no [...]

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Uh Oh: “Gang of Six” Shows Up to Save the Day

July 20, 2011

The “Gang of Six” has reemerged to solve our debt crisis in the Senate.  Oh boy. Their solution essentially boils down to raising taxes in exchange for some immediate short-term cuts.  Everything else in the plan is beyond 2011, which means it is absolutely meaningless:  ignore any positive tax code reform talk;  Obama Care will [...]

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Ireland is Breaking

November 10, 2010

Ireland’s been having to deal with a serious banking crisis which won’t go away.  However, things just got worse for Ireland:  this week Ireland’s debt hit a level that has spooked investors into predicting that Ireland will be the next euro zone nation to require a bailout. Two years of government bailouts have merely broken [...]

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