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Obama Wants His $1.2 Trillion

January 12, 2012

The frustrating debt-ceiling debacle of last summer yielded two predictable outcomes:  we got little-to-none of the promised spending cuts and Obama got a free hand until after the 2012 Election to ask for a cold $1.2 trillion for raising the debt ceiling. In no way is this a victory for the American people.  Politically, though, [...]

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Greece Still Kicking and Screaming

June 29, 2010

Greece had 2010s fifth general strike today as around 9000 workers walked off their jobs to protest the austerity measures which will pinch their pensions and alter their cozy labor laws.  Another 24-hour strike may happen tomorrow targeting the tourism industry.  The Greek youth simply don’t want to face reality and are being riled up [...]

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