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Specter Accuses Primary Challenger of Not Being A Real Democrat

July 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) officially announced that he would challenge Sen. Benedict Arlen Specter in the Democrat Primary next year for Senate.  Specter responded by accusing Sestak of only being a recent convert to the Democrat Party (Sestek declared his affiliation with the Democrat Party n  in 2006, at least three years before Arlen Specter [...]

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Exit Polls Are Even Worse

October 20, 2008

I’m linking directly to Ace on this one because Politico gets more respect than they deserve.  The gist is that exit polls in the Democrat primaries tended to overstate Barack Obama’s support by about 7 points. The medium-term lesson to be drawn from this fact is that conservatives should not allow phony election day exit [...]

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No White House For She Who Must Not Be Named

June 3, 2008

It isn’t really news since the race for the Democrat nomination has been over for a while now, but tonight it is official. She Who Must Not Be Named has been defeated. Barack Obama has the delegates necessary to win the Democrat nomination and will face John McCain in November. Although it did not unfold [...]

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John Edwards Boldly Endorses Obama

May 14, 2008

Not that we needed any more proof that the race for the Democrat Party nomination is over, but if this doesn’t scare She Who Must Not Be Named’s death eaters into thinking that she can’t win this year, then nothing will. For months now, Democrats have wondered which candidate John Edwards would endorse despite the [...]

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Cuntry Roads: She Who Must Not Be Named Wins West Virginia Primary

May 13, 2008

She Who Must Not Be Named won tonight’s West Virginia Democrat Primary by a landslide. Despite tonight’s lopsided result, little has changed in the race for the other party’s nomination. As was the case before tonight, the primary is essentially over. I mean, she was singing months ago. (I wonder if Barack Obama could name [...]

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SNL Makes The Case For She Who Must Not Be Named

May 11, 2008

I think it’s a sad day for She Who Must Not Be Named when two of the three SNL spoof’s arguments for her to stay in the race are accurate. It’s a funny day for us however.

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One Day Only: A Pro-Catholic Media

May 6, 2008

Well, since the issue is a Voter ID law making it harder for Democrats to cheat by forcing voters to prove they are who they say they are, for today only the AP has decided that Catholic nuns are to be viewed as sympathetic figures who should be respected.  I’ll keep that in mind the [...]

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Use The Farce

May 3, 2008

I’m not one of those people who laugh at every video invoking Star Wars, but this one is pretty good.  Obama might not be Luke, but Operation Chaos/Uncivil War fans will probably like it.  Enjoy. Hat tip:  Ace of Spades

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She Who Must Not Be Named Wins Pennsylvania Primary

April 22, 2008

We don’t know her margin of victory; we don’t know how many delegates she will win; but we do know that She Who Must Not Be Named has won the Pennsylvania primary. The Democrat primary will continue and Operation Chaos continues. Many conservatives are happy about tonight’s result precisely because of the chaos it is [...]

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