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The Cochran/McDaniel Run-off Fiasco

June 26, 2014

This past Tuesday, Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran defeated insurgent Tea Party-favorite Chris McDaniel in a run-off election by about 6,700 votes.  While McDaniel defeated Cochran in the popular vote after the first primary election, McDaniel failed to get the 50% needed to avoid a run-off. McDaniel is obviously upset and is threatening legal action, which [...]

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Rush on the Establishment War Against the Tea Party

December 17, 2013

We know that House Speaker John Boehner has drawn a line in the sand, not against Obama and the ideological left, but on the Tea Party and the ideological right.  For a start, Establishment Congressman Peter “Let’s Attack Everyone Everywhere” King just started an anti-Tea Party PAC to oppose insurgents in the primaries. Well, Boehner [...]

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NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg Dies

June 3, 2013

The last World War II veteran serving in the US Senate, Frank Lautenberg, passed away this morning at 89.  Lautenberg served from 1982-2000, then came out of retirement to replace the disgraced Bob “The Torch” Torrecelli on the Democrat ticket in 2002.  He’s been there ever since. Lautenberg was a self-made man who pushed typically [...]

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It Wasn’t Michgan’s Right-to-Work Bill that Struck Steven Crowder

December 11, 2012

We all love Steven Crowder’s sass and sarcasm, but reporting outside the Lansing, Michigan, union protest of a new right-to-work bill which passed the legislature today, this happened: We hope Steven and everyone else in those tents are OK. Quotes from top Michigan Democrat legislators threatening that “there will be blood, there will be consequences” [...]

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Media Myth Busting: No, the GOP Congress Is Not Unpopular

August 15, 2011

One of the myths perpetrated by the media in the aftermath of the “debt-ceiling crisis” is that the GOP has done a lot of damage to their reputation, and that there’s an anti-incumbent mood in the air.  Yet these types of stories distort the facts.  Yes, Congress is unpopular, but mainly because the GOP doesn’t completely [...]

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Debt Crisis is Getting Old

July 27, 2011

I’m starting to tune out of these debt plans, non-plans, revised plans, blah blah blah.  So, I’ve adopted a few ground rules for myself moving forward: No Congress can legally saddle a long-term budget plan onto any future Congress;  ergo, any planned debt reductions past 2012 are total crap. Whatever the Republicans pass is way [...]

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A New Republican “Pledge to America”

September 22, 2010

Tomorrow, the Republican Party will release a 21-page “Pledge to America” outlining what they would do differently if the public were to elect Republican Congressional majorities in just under 6 weeks.  Check out the above link for the full text.  Some highlights can be found here as well. The “Pledge” isn’t simply a rip-off of [...]

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Paul Ryan’s Road Map and Why Republicans Suck

July 24, 2010

I used to call myself a Republican, but haven’t for a number of years now.  The answer is simple:  they suck.  A friend aptly once described our two parties as the Stupid Party (Republicans) and the Evil Party (Democrats):  “stupid” because Republicans never miss an opportunity to jump on their own sword even in the [...]

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Why the Filibuster is Important

February 25, 2010

There has been a lot of talk lately on ending the filibuster.  Democrats have proposed ending the 60-vote cloture threshold as well as the idea of pushing sweeping controversial legislation through via reconciliation.  The filibuster is an important institution in our nation and needs to be preserved.  But don’t take my word for it, take [...]

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Charlie Cook Says Democrats are Cooked

February 24, 2010

Charlie Cook, who runs the Cook Political Report, is a widely-respected political commentator.  He analyzes the political races in detail, and provides a handicapping on all of them.  While I don’t always agree with his assessments, I appreciate his analysis.  In a recent interview, Cook essentially said that the Democrats are cooked, and he does [...]

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Balanced Budget Amendment

February 4, 2010

Some members of the GOP in the House are introducing a balanced budget amendment, which would prohibit the federal government from running an annual deficit.  While it doesn’t have a chance in hell, the GOP would be wise to make noise about this, and call Obama and the Democrats to take a stand on it, [...]

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Obama’s State of Denial

January 25, 2010

Obama is in a state of denial.  He still thinks he is the messiah, and that all bow down and worship at his feet.  Today, Rep. Marion Berry (D-AR) announced his retirement, citing fears of a 1994-redo in the making.  When pressed further, he mentioned that Obama was in complete denial, thinking that he would [...]

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How Not to Fix an Economy

January 12, 2010

How do you tank an already bad economy?  The Democrats have sure found many ways to do it so far, from destroying the dollar to increasing the deficit to unprecedented levels, to raising taxes.  Now, they want to apply the Medicare withholding to investment income to pay for ObamaCare in order to exempt the unions [...]

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They Wanted the President to Fail Too!

March 10, 2009

No, not Rush Limbaugh and gutsy Conservatives on Obama, but 51% of Democrats and 34% of Independents felt that way about President Bush back in August 2006, all while we were still in the heat of ferocious combat on two fronts.  The poll is a decent one of 900 Registered Voters by Fox News/ Opinion Dynamics.  You can’t tell [...]

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Organized Effort Against Rush No Surprise

March 4, 2009

Democrat Party lackeys Rahm Emmanuel, Stanley Greenberg, Paul Begala and James Carville had been purposely targeting Rush Limbaugh as the new focus of evil in the modern world, according to the Politico today.  No surprise here — they got all they could from picking on Sarah Palin, who’s getting back to a normalcy in Alaska.  So, they took [...]

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A Return to Federalism?

February 19, 2009

There are many constants in life, politics, and history.  Two of those constants are the law of unintended consequences and the fact that radical shifts in political direction often produce backlashes.  This leads to the possibility that the Federal Government’s overreaching in the Stimulus package and other liberal legislation could lead to a return to [...]

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Obama Begins War Against Limbaugh

January 24, 2009

President Barack Obama is trying to distance Republicans in the House and Senate from Rush Limbaugh.  In conversation with GOP leadership on Capital Hill, Obama said. “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”  When asked to comment by Byron York of National Review Online, Limbaugh commented that Obama’s strategy is to [...]

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Three Reasons McCain Lost

November 6, 2008

McCain’s defeat by President-Elect Barack Obama can be attributed to many factors, such as the media, Obama’s smoothness, Obama’s ground organization, etc.  Here, however, I am going to focus on three areas in the McCain campaign strategy that, had they done things differently, may have yielded a different result this past Tuesday.  Response to the [...]

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Election Shenanigans in Philadelphia

November 4, 2008

It may be early, but the Democrats are already up to their old shenanigans.  According to Amanda Carpenter, some Republican Election Board members have been removed from polling stations in Philadelphia.  With Pennsylvania merely leaning Obama, I guess the Democrats think they must leave nothing to chance.

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Blame the Democrats for Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

September 30, 2008

  These are your culprits, America,  The Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis is the fault of the Democrats.  It all started with the Community Redevelopment Act of 1975, which was desinged to force banks to give low-income housing to those who could not afford it.  For the first 20 years of its existence, however, it was not highly enforced.  Author Dan [...]

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Democrats Attempt Ohio Voter Suppression

September 24, 2008

Despite all of the talk, it has been well documented that there was no evidence of voter suppression of Democrats, minorities, or others in 2000 by the Republicans or Bush Campaign, although there was a concerted effort to suppress military absentee ballots by the Gore campaign.  Now, in 2008, the Ohio Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner [...]

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Pinkerton: Divided Government Means McCain Wins

August 10, 2008

Jim Pinkerton from “The American Conservative” has a new artcile on the Fox Forum which lays out his idea about why he thinks McCain will win in November.  His thought: because the Dems are slated to sweep Congress, McCain will be elected President so that the “divided government” concept since World War II will be continued. [...]

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The Gang of 10 is Killing the Energy Issue

August 8, 2008

Finally, an issue where the Republicans can actually wipe the floor with the Dems in the Fall: ENERGY.  We see McCain opening his eyes to new possibilities of drilling, House Republicans sticking around on vacation trying to put political pressure for Congress to come back, Obama constantly having to retool and modify his positions making [...]

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Nancy Pelosi on the Price of Gas in Her Own Words

June 27, 2008

Here’s a quote from San Fran Nan on the issue of high gas prices back in the summer of 2006: “With skyrocketing gas prices, it is clear that the American people can no longer afford the Republican rubber-stamp Congress and its failure to stand up to the Republican big oil and gas company cronies…. “Democrats [...]

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Dem Oil Bill Goes Down

June 10, 2008

Score one for capitalism today, as the Dem’s “windfall profits” tax bill couldn’t get the sixty votes needed for cloture.  Hence, the bill is dead for now.  This populist, anti-capitalist proposal underscores the success Dems have had in deflecting the issue of energy prices solely onto the producers, not the regulators.  Congress won’t let them [...]

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Dems Meet to Discuss Michigan and Florida Today

May 31, 2008

One simple question:  if this is how the Dems run their party, what’ll it be like when they run the country? Of course, we know the answer to that question, so let’s try to prevent that shall we?  The party that picked on Bush and the Republicans for eight years about mysterious “missing votes” in [...]

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