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RomneyCare’s Long Shadow

March 6, 2011

Yesterday, Mitt Romney addressed the number one problem he has among 2012 GOP primary voters:  his implementation of universal health care in Massachusetts, aka “RomneyCare”.  Well, he kind of addressed it.  He pointed out that some of RomneyCare was good, some bad, but he’d never support an ObamaCare one-size-fits-all approach to all 50 states and [...]

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Deval Patrick Praises Mitt Romney on Health Care

February 27, 2011

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick doesn’t agree with every decision his predecessor, Mitt Romney, made when he was Governor.  To be fair, Romney probably doesn’t agree with every decision Romney made either.  Nevertheless, it is newsworthy when two political rivals put partisan differences aside to praise each other, and Patrick did just that on ABC News [...]

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“RomneyCare” in Our Future

January 16, 2011

I came across this article from Investors Business Daily, written by the Pacific Research Institute’s Sally Pipes.  In it, Pipes argues that the Massachusetts health care plan installed under Governor Mitt Romney and now functioning under Mr. “Hopes and Dreams” himself Governor Deval Patrick is a preview for what will eventually happen to Obama Care. [...]

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A Portentous Stump in Massachusetts

October 17, 2010

Who would have thought two years ago that President Obama would have to spend time in a busy 2010 midterm election cycle in deep-blue Massachusetts stumping for Governor “Hopes and Dreams” Deval Patrick?  But here we are.  Didn’t work so well for Martha Coakley, though.  However, this time a third party candidate is sucking votes [...]

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In Massachusetts, Health Care is a Mess

February 11, 2010

I’ve written before about my own state’s failing socialized health care system.  The creation of what has become known as RomneyCare has introduced a supply shortage, as everyone who previously did not have health insurance is now demanding health services they didn’t get before, yet there are still the same number of doctors to fulfill [...]

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Trying to Score Points on Kennedy’s Death

August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy’s body is not even cold yet and some are trying to win political points, shamelessly using his death to advance their political agenda.  The most obvious are those, like Robert Byrd, who want to put Ted Kennedy’s name on the health care bill in an attempt to use the spirit of mourning and [...]

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Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

August 26, 2009

The Liberal Lion of the Senate, Senator Edward M. Kennedy died from brain cancer late last night at the age of 77.  The sudden nature of his passing took me by surprise, though it was less than a week ago that he was imploring Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to appoint Kennedy’s replacement as soon as possible (though the law in [...]

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Calling Out Incompetence is Now Racist in New York

August 22, 2009

I could hardly believe what I was reading:  New York Governor David Paterson is blaming his current political maliase on an unnamed racist cabal of media reporters bent on destroying his career.  He lumped in Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, the only other black governor, as another racially-motivated target.  Finally, he came to warn the President about [...]

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Keeping the Kennedy Klan in Power

August 21, 2009

Ted Kennedy is dying.  He couldn’t even attend his sister’s funeral last week.  He knows that he probably doesn’t have long before he cannot discharge his duties as the senior Senator from the Commonwealth (sorry, People’s State) of Massachusetts.  Back in 2004, Massacusetts’ most apt swimmer had little problem with a bill prohibiting the governor from appointing a [...]

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Political Expediency Over Principle

November 7, 2008

Thssace Democrats always tend to put political expediency over principle.  One of the rumors for Obama’s cabinet is the possibility of Sen. John Kerry as Secretary of State (ugh).  His leaving his Senate seat for the cabinet would cause a Senate vacancy.  Four years ago in Massachusetts, when Mitt Romney was governor and Kerry was running for [...]

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Death of Competition in Health Care

July 9, 2008

For years, Conservatives have been sounding the alarm on the dangers of socialized medicine, pointing to the problems that socialized medicine has brought to Britain, Canada, and more recently, Austrailia.  Back in 2006, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts (of which I am a resident) took the first step towards socialized medicine by mandating full-care health [...]

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Deval Corruption

October 11, 2007

The Deval Patrick premiership here in the People’s Republic of MA is making press for a corruption scandal.  Michael Graham reports that Patrick’s chief-of-staff Doug Rubin (which is a paid state employee) is also acting as a “paid volunteer” to the Tsongas congressional campaign in the race to replace Marty Meehan’s seat in the U.S. [...]

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