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Trouble In Post-Communist Paradise?

May 2, 2011

It looks like we’re about to witness a power struggle at the highest level of Russian politics.  According the UK’s Guardian, President Dmitry Medvedev is maneuvering to run for a second term in 2012  despite an agreement that he would step aside so Putin could reclaim his old job. Medvedev is only President because Putin [...]

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Obama’s Impending International Crisis

November 5, 2008

Boy, that didn’t take long.  Obama gets elected President, and we are already seeing Vice-President Elect Joe Biden’s prediction of a pending international crisis coming true.  Russian President President Dmitry Medvedev announced today that Russia would be deploying missiles along the Polish boarder in response to our deployment of missile defense in Poland.  At the same [...]

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Dmitry Medvedev Replaces Putin, At Least Technically

May 6, 2008

Russia inaugurates its new President, Dmitry Medvedev tomorrow, and no one is really sure whether Russia will turn toward democracy as they did under Yeltsin. Many argue that despite Medvedev’s constitutional role, the real power will continue to rest with the puppet-master Vladimir Putin, the soon to be Prime Minister. If this is turns out [...]

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Russia’s New President

March 2, 2008

While the voting is not finished over in Russia it’s safe to say that Putin’s hand-picked successor, who’s practically running unopposed by any serious candidate, Dmitry Medvedev will become Russia’s third president.  Somehow I can’t see this guy turning into a Thomas Jefferson-type 3rd President, even though on the surface he seems marginally different than his [...]

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