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Jennifer Granholm’s Economic Advice

December 10, 2010

Outgoing Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has a written an article for the gossip website Politico in which she offers Americans advice on ho to grow the economy.  Predictably, Granholm proposes a red green approach involving cooperation between government and the private sector in pursuing alternative energy projects.  Missing from Granholm’s article is how her approach [...]

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Obama’s Blame Bush License Expires as Economic Growth Returns

January 29, 2010

The country received some excellent news today when it was announced the that the economy grew at a rate of 5.7 percent during the fourth quarter of 2009.  Of course we still have to wait to see what the adjusted numbers show because the initial release doesn’t always get it exactly right and this administration [...]

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On TARP, The “Experts” Were Wrong

October 27, 2009

The Wall Street Journal, originally one of the biggest supporters proponents of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), wrote an editorial today about how they were wrong in pushing for its passage, and that it needs to end immediately.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration is in no rush to end the TARP Program.  The Journal now [...]

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Margaret Thatcher on the Gap Between Rich and Poor

August 22, 2009

I’ve always wondered why liberals were fascinated with the gap between rich and poor as a measure of prosperity.  On its face, such a measure is nothing more than comparing apples to oranges.  Every logical person knows that a more accurate method of measuring prosperity within an income bracket is to compare that income bracket’s [...]

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More Stimulus Drama

February 6, 2009

Last night, Obama railed against Republicans, defining them as obstructionists and accusing them of adhering to “the failed policies and politics of the past” (if I hear that line one more time, I think I am going to lose my lunch).  Well, apparently the obstructionists may have some Democrat company.  Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) is [...]

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This Is Not the Second Great Depression

November 24, 2008

Calm the rhetoric.  Despite assertions to the contrary, the nation is not going through a second Great Depression.  When one looks at the two situations, there are very few similarities. From a strictly numbers perspective, we have a long way to go before we end up in a Depression-era financial situation. Great Depression Unemployment reached [...]

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Let the Private Sector Fix the Economy

September 29, 2008

Hat tip to MrsSal for finding this one.  With the $700 Billing Bailout package looming, the Boston Globe reports today that investment firms such as Bain Capital want a chance to bid on the distressed assets that the government is planning to “bail out.“  From the article:  Boston’s Bain Capital and Bank of New York [...]

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Paulson Plan is Bad for the Economy

September 22, 2008

The Bush Administration has proposed the so-called “Paulson Plan” to fix the economic situation that we now find ourselves in.  The plan would find the U.S. Treasury buying out $700 billion in bad mortgages that is currently crippling Wall Street, in the hopes to free up the credit market and allow Wall Street to rebound.  [...]

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AIG Bailout Shortens Path to Socialism

September 17, 2008

The AIG bailout by the Federal Reserve involves the FED “loaning” AIG $85 billion in exchange for nearly 80% equity in the company.  Now, it is within the Fed’s charter to loan money;  however, the fact that the Government has now nationalized a major private insurance company (although the Fed denies that this is what was done) [...]

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The Financial Mess

September 16, 2008

With the collapse of Lehman Brothers to Bankruptcy, and with Merrill Lynch being absorbed by Bank of America, our financial system is foremost on many people’s minds this week.  Add to that the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac last week, and the Bear Sternes collapse earlier this year, and we have a [...]

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Economy Then and Now; Democrats Then and Now

April 10, 2008

The fact that The Corner’s David Freddoso can report economic data from 2008 compared to economic data from 1996 and juxtapose the statistics with Democrat quotes all in about a minute and half is proof positive of the media’s laziness, dishonesty, or both. UPDATE: The Anchoress has a great roundup of this one, complete with [...]

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An Education: Democrats on the Economy

March 27, 2008

We’ve finally learned something (on the record for a change) about Democrat’s vision for the today’s ailing economy!  Here’s a sample of Obama’s take on what he to do in tough economic times: “To renew our economy — and to ensure that we are not doomed to repeat a cycle of bubble and bust again and again — we [...]

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The Economic anti-stimulus Package

January 24, 2008

President Bush and Congress are close to a deal on a $150 billion economic “stimulus” package.  The package includes a temporary suspension of the 10% income bracket, meaning that everyone who fell in this bracket would receive up to $800 ($1200 for married couples) in the form of a rebate.  In addition, the plan would [...]

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