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Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Circus on the View

October 14, 2010

Alright, so every day is a circus on the View.  Today was just a little louder than normal, at least more normal than the run of the mill Internet excerpt of the View.  You see, I’ve never actually seen an entire episode of the View. Apparently, Bill O’Reilly said something that is essentially true, but [...]

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Annie C on “The View”

January 13, 2009

A friend tipped me off to this video from Annie C’s recent appearance on The View: Nice move by Ann.  She continues to expand her exposure (and market) beyond just the Conservatives who love everything she’s all about… think about the show’s audience:  who’s home at 11am to watch The View in the first place?  People I typically [...]

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Elisabeth and Whoopi Discuss the “N-word”

July 19, 2008

On an episode of this week’s “The View” the ladies were discussing Jesse Jackson’s hypocritical use of the “n-word” in the same interview where Jackson voiced his desire to castrate Barack Obama.  For some reason Fox News didn’t release the part of the film in question to the public, but it leaked anyway.  Either way, this exchange broke [...]

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Hasselbeck Tries to Stick It to Obama

March 29, 2008

Back on March 19, the lovely Elizabeth Hasselbeck, “The View’s” token conservative and fellow Rhode Island transplant, made a great point about the double standard Obama has on race: Obama condemned Don Imus, who had been on radio since 1968 and made an inappropriate three-word joke in bad taste that got him fired within a week, but Barry O [...]

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