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Ethics Violation

Charlie Rangel Censured by House

December 2, 2010

With a vote of 333-79, twenty-term Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) was officially “censured” by the House of Representatives on 11 of 13 ethics violations.  The act essentially amounts to an embarrassment since only four others were censured by the House over the last century, two of them pedos. Think about this though:  if you were [...]

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Walpingate: Walpin Responds, Obama Dodges

June 18, 2009

Last week, Obama gave notice that he was firing Inspector General of AmeriCorps Gerald Walpin.  As mentioned previously, by law Inspector Generals have to be fired for cause and a 30-day written notice of the firing, and the reason for the firing, need to be detailed to Congress.  The purpose of this law (which Obama [...]

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Journalistic Malpractice

October 20, 2008

Barack Obama apparently has some explaining to do.  On his 2000 and 2002 tax returns, he listed $16,500 and $34,491 in speaking fees.  Yet, under Illinois State Ethics law, as a State Senator from 1997 to 2004, he was prohibited from receiving any speaking fees.  The Illinois Governmental Ethics Act provides: (5 ILCS 420/2-110) Sec. 2-110. [...]

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