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This “Missing Link” is Not That Cool

May 20, 2009

The lemur/monkey, Ida, is a 47 million year old skeleton which indicates a common ancestor to both the lemur family and the monkey family.  It’s a neat find, but does it tells us anything new about human evolution?  Yeah, but not in the right direction… we’re supposed to get closer to the Ape-Man, not further [...]

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Questioning Evolution in Schools

May 1, 2008

Thank God I teach a non-controversial subject History/Social Studies to high school kids, otherwise I’d have to tackle really tough issues like evolution…  Oh wait a minute, Charles Darwin and the Scopes Trial are both in my curriculum!  Uh oh!  Anyway, in the latest round of the evolution debate as it relates to the Culture War [...]

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Consensus Science Bunk

February 14, 2008

I am an avid reader of National Review Online’s The Corner.  I typically find it a source of good intellectual discussion based in conservative principles, respectful dialog, and good common-sense.  Even when I disagree with what some of the posters of The Corner say, I still find the arguments interesting and well thought-out.  Two days [...]

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Catholicism and Science

November 4, 2005

Taking another tack on the article Mike posted, I want to rant a bit about the nearly universal acceptance of Darwinism by the MSM and by the mainstream academics. Now, I’m a person who likes science and finds it interesting, and also believe that there is a substantial body of evidence to support the theory [...]

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