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Fairness Doctrine

Speech Under Fire

February 20, 2009

Free speech is a wonderful thing.  It is the cornerstone of our Democracy, and allows for people who disagree with the current governing party to freely express their ideas and engage in the conversation, with hopes of convincing enough people to go along with their views to carry over to the voting booth each election.  [...]

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Liberals Against Free Speech

February 16, 2009

Why is the left so against having opposing viewpoints aired in the free market of ideas?  In the last week, rhetoric surrounding the fairness doctrine has increased, including references by multiple Senators, a former President, and now by David Axelrod.  This past Sunday on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Axelrod if Obama stood by [...]

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Censoring Talk Radio Through Localism

November 17, 2008

Jim Boulet, Jr., over at The American Thinker, has an article about a new stealth FCC policy called “Localism” which was enacted this year under the Bush administration watch.  The rule clarifies a long-standing FCC regulation that broadcasters must “serve the local interest.”  As Jim points out, this rule could be used in the same [...]

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The Coming Liberal Storm

November 6, 2008

We’re in it pretty deep.  Listening to Rush today, he read from an article written by Quin Hillyer for the American Spectator about the trouble we’re in for 2010 and 2012; it’s very enlightening and scary at the same time, and worth repeating as well.  Hillyer argues that since unabashed Libs now control so many levels [...]

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But Mr. Barone, I Don’t Want to Live in a Thugocracy

October 13, 2008

What would it be like if we became an Obama Nation?  The mere thought is enough to make some folks pretty apprehensive and inspired to help McCain-Palin.  So, here comes this piece: Brilliant election number-cruncher Michael Barone has a picture of a potential Obama Nation – “thugocracy“.  With Barone’s encyclopedic knowledge of micro-politics in all 435 districts, his editorial is [...]

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Obama Censorship

September 26, 2008

Democrats want to censor political speech.  In particular, Obama wants to defend political speech.  For all of the talk of free speech coming out of the Democrat party, it seems to only apply to liberals, pornographers, and Hollywood.  But Conservative free speech?  Unthinkable.  That is why the Democrats support the “Fairness Doctrine” and why Barack [...]

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