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Fiscal Policy

The American Financial Collapse

May 13, 2009

Early yesterday I wrote about the current crisis in the U.S. Fiscal system in the areas of unemployment and our national debt, and how they are leading indicators towards a major financial collapse.  Today, there are several pieces of news that add credence to that theory.  First, the April retail sales and foreclosure numbers were [...]

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A Conservative Shift in California

May 12, 2009

California has been a bastion of liberalism for the last 20+ years, not having supported a Republican for President since 1988, and being known for its bloated government and liberal social policy.  Yet, as I’ve often theorized, liberalism as an agenda is not sustainable, and eventually even places like California will reach a tipping point [...]

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Ominous Economic Signs

May 8, 2009

Two stories today paint a rather dire picture of the current economic situation.  First, jobless numbers were released today, showing the economy losing another 539,000 jobs in April.  Since Inauguration Day, the economy has lost 2,585,000 jobs, bringing the unemployment rate up to 8.9%, the highest in over 25 years.  The loss of private-sector jobs, [...]

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Obama Moving America To Economic Ruin

April 3, 2009

Anyone with even a basic understanding of idea of Economics will understand that when there is no balance between expenditures and receipts, disaster will usually become inevitable.  Sure, the average person or business that is deep in debt can refinance, perform balance transfers to new lines of credit, and move money around, but in the [...]

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Which Party is Better for the Stock Market?

February 27, 2009

It has always been obvious to me that Republicans are better for the economy than Democrats.  It seems especially true not based on who is in the White House, but rather who controls  congress. Obviously, a lot more goes into the state of the market than government policy.  At the same time, this chart should [...]

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