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Media Myth Busting: No, the GOP Congress Is Not Unpopular

August 15, 2011

One of the myths perpetrated by the media in the aftermath of the “debt-ceiling crisis” is that the GOP has done a lot of damage to their reputation, and that there’s an anti-incumbent mood in the air.  Yet these types of stories distort the facts.  Yes, Congress is unpopular, but mainly because the GOP doesn’t completely [...]

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An Analysis of the Generic Congressional Ballot

April 9, 2010

Nate Silver at takes a look at the generic congressional ballot, and puts forth some statistical projections of how many Congressional seats the Democrats could be slated to lose this November based purely on historic trends and current poll results.  He takes four measurements into account: Current RCP Average Generic Congressional Ballot:  2.3% Republican [...]

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Republican Revolution II?

August 25, 2009

Things are starting to point towards a shifting tide in the mood of the electorate.  With the economy still floundering and the American People’s lack of enthusiasm about ObamaCare, Democrats should start to get worried.  Dick Morris was on Hannity last night, discussing the Democrat’s problems, and predicted that Republicans could very well pick up [...]

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Reasons for Optimism

October 30, 2008

One can only judge future elections based on trends that have been determined in previous elections.  With five days to go until lection day, I am becoming increasingly optimistic.  There is still a good chance that Barack Obama will win and be our next President (ugh), but there is also reason to be optimistic and [...]

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