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George Bush Still Jumping at 85!

June 12, 2009

George Bush the Elder decided that you’re never too young to do another tandem skydive and celebrated his 85th birthday today by jumping once again!  I’ve been on a tandem skydive before and it was truly an intense experience.  I’ve often referred to the experience as the best thing I’ll never do again.  My mother even jumped [...]

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Thank You, President Bush

January 20, 2009

As the final hours of the Presidency of George W. Bush draw to a close, it is worth taking the time to look at Bush and his legacy.  For all my disagreements with the Bush administration, specifically on domestic policy, I want to take this opportunity to thank him.  Since the brutal attacks by the [...]

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Look Who Showed Up to Lunch

January 7, 2009

From right to left Jimmah, Bubba, Dubya, The Emperor Zero Most High Merciful and Beneficent Lord Barack Hussein Obama, and Bush 41 all had lunch together at the White House today.  This kind of lunch encounter hasn’t happened since Reagan had Nixon, Ford and Jimmah over to chat too back in the day.   Today, the President Club ate [...]

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