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“Mr. Doom” Gerald Celente Returns!

August 23, 2009

Perusing the web today, I found this video of Trends Research’s Gerald Celente on Hot Air, and thought it was worth posting here too.  This guy is great!  He pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it.  He had been forecasting doom and gloom for the housing market years ago based on trends [...]

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Tax Revolts are Brewing

February 16, 2009

Yeah, yeah, if you looked down a few posts, you’d see Mr. Doom Gerald Celente talking about impending tax revolts as a first sign of American discontent with the system. The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  OK, but here’s a few stories out today, dealing with that very potential: 1.  Malkin’s got some [...]

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“Mr. Doom” Gerald Celente, Part II

February 15, 2009

Here I was writing optimistically about the polls and about taking the political fight to our political enemies, when I’m throwing this gloom and doomer at you for a second time!  I don’t buy into all of it because history shows that trends do suddenly end while also changing rapidly from time to time:  they thought in 1946 that a [...]

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Here’s Mr. Doom

February 11, 2009

While watching Beck yesterday as background noise I was getting ready to post something.  Suddenly, this fellow Gerald Celente was being interviewed.  Sweet Jesus is this guy scary!  I thought some of my conservative friends were depressed about the future – check this guy out: NOTE:  unfortunately, the SAP was active in all the good versions of this video. [...]

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