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Gerard Baker

Palin v. Obama on Experience

September 1, 2008

Gerard Baker penned this quick comparison of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.   The contrasts could not be more clear and could not be more indicative that a Palin-type character is much more desirable in high office than an Obama-type politician.  Young and ambitious, Obama has followed a typical political corsus, yet rising much too fast to accumulate [...]

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“He Ventured Forth…”

July 25, 2008

The latest piece from Times Online editor, American Gerard Baker, first came to my attention about an hour ago and it’s a doozy!  His latest op-ed is absolutely awesome.  Baker takes the media’s open desire to make Barack Obama the Savior/Messiah and completely pokes fun at those who have this view (he also calls Gordon Brown, Gordon the [...]

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