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Irony in Moving Gitmo Prisoners to Illinois

January 7, 2010

It is always fun when something ironic happens to prove how stupid liberal policies are.  Take for example the snowstorms and record cold temperatures that seem to follow the Global Warming nuts around, culminating in a freak-blizzard in Copenhagen during the world climate summit.  Well, the a similar irony (this one far more dangerous) occured [...]

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Congress Flexes Muscles on Gitmo

October 5, 2009

A bi-partisan amendment passed in the House last week (opposed by the Democrat Party’s liberal wing) to prevent ANY federal funds to be used to close Club Gitmo at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to prevent any federal dollars to be used to transport Gitmo prisoners to U.S. Soil.  It seems that on a bi-partisan basis, [...]

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A Hint of Obama’s Competency?

November 11, 2008

Obama ran a very effective and on-message campaign, but he is about to find that governing is much harder.  It seems in the last week, the Obama campaign can’t get their message straight.  Policy after policy, comment after comment, has been nuanced, toned down, or flat-out reversed.  Take, for example, the rapid take-down of the [...]

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